In 2008 a professor had me write a list of the "things" that make up my creativity. I have recently found that list and have adapted it to the present moment- a good exercise in thinking through motivations

Tubes of cadmium red oil. The way oil paint paints

Childhood drawings and my mother’s yarn-doll named Heidi

Stringed instruments. Hearing my father practice cello

The rhythms that are constantly stuck in my head

Sitting with an empty mind. Being alone. Silence

Early, gray and chilly mornings. Leaving the city for and coming back

Birds and plants

Southern CA sunlight (especially at dusk) and the marine layer

Richard Serra and James Turrell. The Dia:Beacon

A good museum“finding” works therein. David Park’s Four Men

The inability to focus on the moving peripheral. The fact that there is always a peripheral

Annie Dillard, A Pilgrim a Tinker Creek

Joni Mitchell, Tchaikovsky, Alanis Morissette and the Red Hot Chili Peppers

Receiving and sending mail

The ever-changing landscape. We continue to rearrange it, to line, cover and define it in some strange sort of massive and unrealized collaborative performance. The way that grasses pop up through cement and asphalt

Artists who believe that everything has intention and meaning

The simultaneous poetics and blockiness of language (or at least of my own language). The inefficiencies of any single medium

The voices of my mentors and friends- “get to work”