Studio Update


The other day I was asked what Master's program I was in. Upon replying that I was studying in the visual arts I was received, "Can you make any money in that field?". Now, all of you creatives out there know that this is THE question. It will always be asked. And the answer is yes, there is money in creative work... provided the creative is diligent and understands that in a creative field, open door are often less clearly delineated than in other fields. In other words, there are multiple paths forward and "can't" doesn't always apply. Of course you can. You just have to find a way. 

That said, my fall semester starts SOON! As in, one week soon. I will keep a running list of "How to hold a full time job while performing an MFA" for a forthcoming blog post. Up next, a summary of my Summer Studio Experiments

Studio shot from Be-coming Photography